COSTA MESA, Calif., May XX, 2016 – Kathy Grunwald, controller with Project Independence, a nonprofit organization that supports people with developmental disabilities, has been re-elected President of the Cambridge Park Association Board in Costa Mesa. The organization owns a building in the complex.
During her first term with the Board, Grunwald spearheaded an effort to make the business park more compatible for Project Independence clients coming into the building, including providing wheelchair accessibility and adding a speed bump to help protect clients and staff from speeding vehicles while walking to and from their cars.

“We are proud of Kathy and her accomplishments as president of the Association for everyone who works or visits the complex including people with disabilities,”

said Project Independence CEO and President Debra Marsteller.
Project Independence is an award-winning one-stop provider of programs offering independent living services, supported employment services and behavioral support programs for people with developmental disabilities.
Today, the organization provides assistance to more than 700 adults who live in their own homes, work regular jobs and participate in community life. Project Independence also provides its clients with counseling services for Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA), a grant awarded by The Social Security Administration.
For more information, visit or call 714-549-3464 or 877-444-0144.