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Give Independence

Help people with developmental disabilities achieve their goals and dreams as welcome members of our community.

How You Can Help

Hopes & Dreams

Project Independence was founded on the belief that people with disabilities possess the potential to live and interact in their communities, and that by listening to the hopes and dreams of people we serve, we can help them.

More Ways to Give

Donate Your Car2022-04-09T11:20:03+00:00

Donate your car to Project Independence through CarDana! You can start the donation process here:

Event Sponsorship2022-12-06T11:20:51+00:00

Participate in the annual OC Marathon as an individual participant or team sponsor or in our annual Walk for Independence as an individual participant or sponsor.

In-Kind Donations2022-12-06T11:22:33+00:00

Contributing a good or service can benefit the mission of Project Independence or a Project Independence event. Examples include a media donation by Time Warner Cable for the Walk for Independence, or a donation of computers for use in a Project Independence office.

Planned giving2022-04-09T11:12:03+00:00

Become a member of the “I Will Club” by naming Project Independence as a beneficiary of your will, trust or planned gift. Members receive a framed membership certificate and distinctive lapel pin, are listed on our Web site and Year in Review, and are invited to the VIP reception held before the Celebration of Independence.

Major Gift2022-04-09T02:49:33+00:00

Donors who support the organization with a major gift of $1,000 or more will receive special recognition on our Web site and Year in Review newsletter, framed artwork from a Project Independence client, recognition on the Project Independence recognition display for one year, and invitations to Project Independence’s periodic donor receptions. Donors who make one-time or cumulative contributions of $10,000 or more will also be permanently listed on the recognition display at Project Independence.

Project Independence Independent Living Program clients

Annual Reports


At Project Independence we have so much to be grateful for, including the support all of you have given us throughout the year. It has made it possible to continue our mission of serving adults living with developmental disabilities to build vital, social, and inclusive lives of independence.

Robert Watson, CEO/President Project Independence

Martin’s Story

Martin likes to stay busy. He recently returned to Project Independence knowing that, with family changes on the home front, it was important to have support that would help him find where he could apply his talents and enthusiasm. With his team’s help he keeps himself busy volunteering at the Senior Center, Share Ourselves and serving seniors daily at Meals on Wheels. Martin knows that a life of true independence only comes when serving others.

Jeff’s Story

For well over ten years Jeff has made sure that the mail finds its way throughout the large headquarters building for Hyundai USA. This was no easy task. A few years ago, Jeff needed to pack his bags along with all of the employees and move to the 500,000 square foot building that now houses their headquarters. He rose to the occasion with his supportive teammates and kept the mailroom humming and efficient. His colleagues admit that his diligence and work ethic made sure that the transition was a smooth one. Jeff epitomizes what can be done with you have partners like Project Independence and an inclusive, compassionate corporate team.

Nick’s Story

Nick beams when he talks of the day his father came out from Texas to help him move into his own apartment in Harbor Village over five years ago. With the help of his team at PI, he has built a life of joy, friendship and true independence that he did not think was possible years ago.

Jackie’s Story

Jackie lived with a father who was hunched with severe arthritis since his early forties. Her mother was confined to an armchair due to complications from diabetes. Jackie has taken it upon herself to never suffer like her parents and, with the help of her Project Independence Coach, rigorously maintains an active regimen of physical therapy, a healthy diet and an overall lifestyle that ensures that she will never suffer ailments that keep her from participating in life.