Core Programs

What Makes Us Unique

Project Independence was founded on the belief that people with disabilities possess the potential to live and interact in their communities, and that by listening to the hopes and dreams of people we serve, we can help them realize those dreams.

  • Independent Living Services
  • Supported Employment
  • Work Incentive Planning

Independent Living

Our Independent Living program has assisted hundreds of people who have taken those bold steps to move out of group homes, family households, and other facilities, into homes – and lives – of their own.

Each step of this journey is taken with the support of Project Independence staff, from deciding where to live and picking a roommate, to providing whatever tools are needed to take those successful steps toward independence.

From benefits and budgeting, to planning menus, grocery shopping, and helping prepare meals, to prioritizing housekeeping and laundry tasks, at each step Project Independence staff listen to the needs of the people we serve.

People we support choose the services they want and need. Project Independence staff help to ensure that peoples’ needs are met while always encouraging and fostering independence and choice.

Brad’s Story

Brad has been living independently since 1990 with the support of Project Independence. Brad is unable to read or spell, but enjoys participating in his Money Management sessions, including writing his own checks for most bills, grocery money, and pocket money. Project Independence helped Brad create a ‘cheat sheet” which provides Brad the tools he needs in order to write his own weekly and monthly checks, including his rent check, creating a personal sense of responsibility and independence.

Supported Employment

The Project Independence Supported Employment program is based on the idea that, in creating a successful job match, a person with a developmental disability can do the job he or she was hired to do. Our job is to provide whatever the person needs to be successful, from extra training, establishing priorities and creating task schedules, to educating employees at the job site and building natural supports. This program serves 190 people as they work at real jobs for real pay. Currently, 40 clients are waiting for placements. Clients work for employers such as The City of Irvine, Albertsons, Ralph’s, Rite Aid, Sav-On and Target. This program develops jobs and then matches up the skills of clients to the needs of the employers. From orientation and skills training, commute scheduling, detailed job duties and supervisor contact; we aim for stability in the employer / employee relationship.

Jeff’s Story

For well over ten years Jeff has made sure that the mail finds its way throughout the large headquarters building for Hyundai USA. This was no easy task. A few years ago, Jeff needed to pack his bags along with all of the employees and move to the 500,000 square foot building that now houses their headquarters. He rose to the occasion with his supportive teammates and kept the mailroom humming and efficient. His colleagues admit that his diligence and work ethic made sure that the transition was a smooth one. Jeff epitomizes what can be done with you have partners like Project Independence and an inclusive, compassionate corporate team.


Work Incentive Planning and Assistance is a grant awarded by The Social Security Administration to local organizations to provide work incentive planning services for beneficiaries in cash payment status for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), or Social Security Childhood Disability Benefits (SSCDB), previously called Disabled Adult Child (SSDAC). Anyone who is currently receiving cash payments under one or more of the following programs: Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Social Security Childhood Disability Benefits (SSCDB) – also known as Social Security Disabled Adult Child (SSDAC) AND is either: Working, Looking for work, or Thinking about looking for work. All services are free of charge! There is never a cost for any of the services provided by Project Independence under the WIPA project.