Thursday, January 14, 2021 

Project Independence, a nonprofit in Costa Mesa, wrapped and delivered thousands of everyday items to adults with developmental disabilities over the holidays.

Along with hundreds of dollars in cash and gift cards, the organization’s volunteers brought games and myriad household products to its clients.

Many of the items were donated by users of the website, according to a statement from the nonprofit, while Vandana and Vineet Unadkat, the owners of the Simple Greek restaurant in Fullerton, prepared and donated 100 meals to the cause.















Project Independence staffer Meka Green, right, and her daughter, Kimora, prepare deliveries to clients for the holidays. (LEFT)

“Both Vandana and I are very thankful for the opportunity that we are getting to give back to our community through this partnership with Project Independence,” Vineet Unadket said.

In addition to the holiday deliveries, Project Independence hosted an online party via Zoom in December. More than 50 people participated and took their chances with raffles for backpacks donated by Jean Kim and Amazon and Target gift cards donated by the Shubin family.

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