Tom Peale, Trader Joe’s employee and Project Independence client, gave this congratulatory  speech at our 2017 Walk for Independence on September 8th 2017 as Trader Joe’s was presented the Extra Mile Award for going above and beyond to support Project Independence and our programs:

Good morning everyone!
What a great morning it has been!

My name is Tom Peale, and it is my pleasure to be here today to congratulate Trader Joe’s on receiving the Extra Mile Award from Project Independence.

I have worked at Trader Joe’s for over 18 years, and I have been a client of Project Independence also for 18 years. I became a part of both of these right after I graduated from high school. To have Trader Joe’s and Project Independence partner together to ensure the success of employees and clients is, as they say, “A marriage made in Heaven!”

Trader Joe’s has been a tremendous employer. They have trained and guided me, always in a kind and supportive way, and provided me with skills so that I might be successful in the workplace and in life. Being part of their crew has changed and enriched my life in so many ways.

I am sure I speak for all P.I. clients who work at Trader Joe’s when I say, “Thank you!” for all you have done for us and for Project Independence.

Tom Peale
Proud Trader Joe’s Employee
Proud Project Independence Client

(Delivered at the Project Independence Walk for Independence, September 9, 2017)
tra Mile Award Walk 2017, Tom Peale Address