Dan Pittman, Chairman

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President Dan Pittman and Associates Public Relations Dan Pittman, president of Dan Pittman & Associates, Inc., is an award-winning public relations and marketing professional with more than 40 years of experience who is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America. Prior to establishing his own practice in 1999, Dan has held senior posts at BSMG Worldwide Public Relations and Bozell Worldwide; Salvati Montgomery Sakoda; Cochrane Chase, Livingston; and Cunningham ...

Judy Cole, Co-Chair

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Regional Manager Social Security Administration Judy Cole is a retired administrator from the Social Security Administration. As District Manager for 38 years, she joined the Board of Project Independence to assure that adults with developmental disabilities had a voice in Sacramento and the services to build independent lives. Judy is a former Board Chairman. It has been her greatest reward to be a Board Member for over 20 years.

Del Hart, Treasurer

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Financial Consultant Crown Capital Securities, L.P. Del Hart is a practicing financial consultant with Crown Capital Securities, L.P. He has served as Chairman of the Board of Project Independence and Chairman of the Finance Committee. His financial expertise continues to aid Project Independence in securing independent lives for over 600 adults throughout Orange County living with developmental disabilities.

Jami Countryman, Member

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Educator Jami Countryman has been an educator for over 27 years. She has a Masters Degree in special education and is a mother to two boys with developmental disabilities. She has spent years in the community volunteering for both her church in San Clemente as well as for many causes that serve those living with developmental disabilities. She is honored to bring both her personal and professional experience to the ...

Debbie Miller, Member

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President Social Hospitality Debbie Miller is the president of Social Hospitality, a boutique digital marketing agency that helps brands develop their online identities, create engaging content, and build their social media presences. Primary services offered include digital strategy consulting, social media, SEO, as well as copywriting and editing for websites, blogs, and email marketing campaigns. The Social Hospitality blog is a leading industry resource, too. Miller is active in numerous ...

Diane Pritchett, Secretary

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Executive Director South Coast Metro Alliance Diane Pritchett is the executive director of the South Coast Metro Alliance. She is also a member of the Board of the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce. Prior to her leadership role with the Alliance, Diane was the national sales manager at The Westin South Coast Plaza. Her other work experience includes serving as sales manager of Char Tours of San Francisco and as ...

Ian Rice, Member

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Benefits Consultant Alera Group Ian Rice is a Benefits Consultant for Alera Group. He has been a founding partner of two employee benefits firms and a tech company that helped make fantasy sports a household phrase. Throughout his career, he has helped more than 100 small and medium sized businesses make data driven decisions while designing a benefits package that helps them achieve their strategic vision. He taught public speaking ...

Harry Stahl, Member

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Attorney Law Offices of Harry Stahl, P.C. Harry Stahl is a corporate attorney and businessman. He has been a member of the Project Independence Board of Directors for over 25 years. Previously he served as the President of the Orange County Food Bank. A Vietnam era veteran, he is also a proud member of American Legion Post 291 in Newport Beach. He and his wife reside in Irvine, California.

Kurt Yeager, Vice Chair

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Attorney Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth Kurt Yeager retired in 2018 from Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth where he practiced public law since 1978. While still practicing law, he joined the Board of Project Independence to guide them through the merger with Vantage in 1977. He continues to proudly serve the mission of Project Independence. He retains an interest in Stradling as principal shareholder.

Nick Westphalen, Member

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Nick Westphalen, a Costa Mesa resident, is a client of Project Independence, where he has received support since June of 1998 that has helped him develop his skills and confidence. He enjoys his daily walks to Starbucks and the supermarket, where he greets the staff and customers with a broad smile. Nick is very close to his family and a big fan of singer Katy Perry and reality TV shows. ...

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