Carl’s Jr.

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Renee is the life of the dining room! She makes sure that people never leave the store without a smile on their face. She is a wonderful ambassador and represents what we strive for in ‘great customer service’.

Home Depot Irvine

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Max is one of the hardest workers at our store. He raises the spirits of all who work with him. We love working with Max and realize that the customers love him too!


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Our seniors always look forward to seeing staff and clients from Project Independence because they are so friendly and helpful. They are also some of the most reliable volunteers that we have. It epitomizes ‘giving back’ when you realize that this is what a person chooses to do when they have help in creating a life of independence: to give back to others in need.

Home Depot Santa Ana

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My team’s dynamic has changed so much since Ben joined us. His bright spirit has affected all my employees. I didn’t realize that hiring Ben would affect all of us and how we not just treat each other but how we treat our customers.

Project Independence

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Jewel brings a great amount of professionalism and care to her duties in our offices. She lives up to her name. All of our colleagues celebrate her work ethic, her care and her conscientious respect for everyone she encounters during her work day.

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